About Us

Company’s Overview

HiSoft Solutions is a leading global provider of complete computer and information technology services. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to provide products and services with advanced solutions that truly meet our clients’ needs. HiSoft Solutions has the technical expertise and robust technology to meet and exceed your organization’s most difficult challenges. We are able to offer your business a stable, user-friendly computing environment through innovative design and quality components.

Our solutions create a foundation that companies can use to base ongoing customer acquisition and service initiatives, and most importantly meet overall business purposes using an innovative approach. Our experienced professionals and inventive approach has allowed us to continue to work closely with our clients’ base to design, develop, and deploy unique solutions based on individual business goals and industry trends.

We continue to strive to improve workflow through the application of new IT technologies and the refinement of existing processes to achieve organization efficiencies and improve performances. We are committed to offering timely and reliable services to your business. HiSoft Solutions can streamline the way you do business, keeping the focus where it belongs: on your operation and dealings and not your network.

HiSoft Solutions is committed to helping you realize the productivity gains and Return-On-Investment that you expect from your computer systems. We focus on keeping your IT systems operational, available and secure so that you can concentrate on the expansion of your business, cost management and revenue growth. Our goal is to serve as your technology partner with an emphasis on business solutions. By evaluating your organizational objectives and technology needs, we can identify dependable solutions that address your current and future requirements.

HiSoft Solutions employs highly qualified, certified professionals to design and implement your custom software solution. We are committed to providing quality, innovative software development solutions within budget and on time. We back this commitment to quality with ongoing support and maintenance of our software solutions.


Even though HiSoft Solutions engages in software and hardware technology, we always believe that humane approach is the most important. That is why, we are always trying to pursue bigger cultivation around our company’s community, and to further develop the better future by giving our best in technology sector. HiSoft Solutions aims to give the control to technology, data, and security to as many people as possible so we can change the world together without losing our human touch.

“I believe the community needs to be in a position to control their technology, data, and security. We plan to bring our expertise and deliver a proven solution. We are happy to present our solutions anytime, anywhere.”

Anteneh Admasu, CEO & FOUNDER

Our Skills

  • Software Application Development
  • Network Engineering/Administration
  • Database Architecture/Administration
  • Web Architecture/Development
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Program / Project Management
  • Enterprise Solutions using Microsoft Dynamics(AX, CRM), Oracle ERP and CRM, SAP, BMC Remedy, SharePoint
  • Cyber Security & Cyber Defense
  • Big Data, Infrastructure, Amazon & Azure Cloud